Robotic Lawnmowers

The high tech solution for a beautiful lawn. The Miimo is able to navigate around your garden and obstacles with ease. It will go out and cut your grass come rain or shine! With low environmental impact and zero emissions (no fuel required) the Miimo keeps your grass in perfect condition all year round, giving you more time to do the things you love to do.

Call in to our showroom to see the complete Honda robotic range - we can also give a full working demonstration of the Miimo on our site.




Model Name: Miimo HRM310
Self Propelled

Battery Power - 1.8Ah
Upto 1500m2 cutting area

Automatic Charging System





Model Name: Miimo HRM520
Self Propelled
Battery Power - 3.6Ah
Upto 3000m2 cutting area

Automatic Charging System


Model Name: Miimo HRM3000
Self Propelled
Battery Power - 5.44Ah
8.5" / 22cm cut
Upto 4000m2 cutting area

Automatic Charging System

Advanced Waterproofing

Smartphone App connectivity

Electric Cutting Height Adjustmenty



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